Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions we have answers.

Does your company charge a fee?
We do not charge any fees. If you receive a guarantee, you may need to get verified through a third-party verification service which may charge a fee.


If approved, how long does it take to receive my funds?
If you receive a guarantee, then a personal loan can usually be funded within a day or two, sometimes the same day. Lines of credit may take longer. Funds are usually issued directly into your bank account by check and the first payment is usually due 30 days after funds are received. Lenders will report your monthly payments to the credit bureaus.


Am I guaranteed to be approved?
If you receive a guarantee from us, then yes. The guarantee will be subject to either the terms and conditions on this website or to the terms of any signed agreement between you and our company. If you also receive a separate guarantee from one of our partners, then they will provide you with their guarantee details and terms.


Are the loans unsecured?
Any guarantee that is made will be based on you, and you alone, for personal loans and/or lines of credit. No co-signers, home ownership or collateral is usually necessary.


Is the interest rate guaranteed?
The interest rates we show are based on the credit situation selection that you have made. But ultimately it is based on your actual credit situation and is up to the individual lender or lenders to make that determination.